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Sports at Waterfield

"I like my yellow t-shirt as people know what house I am in." Holly

At Waterfield Primary School we offer a wide and varied range of physical activities before school at lunch times and after school.

Mr Keith Wilson-Elpridge is employed by Waterfield and he covers the P.E. classes throughout the school and also takes lunchtime and after school clubs. 

This year we are extremely lucky to have Sarah Moore, a specialist Dance and Drama teacher who runs an invite only Movement and Drama Club on a Tuesday lunch time and an after school fee paying club on a Friday.

Children at Waterfield are highly motivated, enthused and are happy to join in physical activities, inter competitions/events within and after the school day.

Our children are extremely proud of wearing their house coloured t-shirts during P.E. and this is promoting high levels of participation with clubs and in lessons.

"P.E. has improved a lot at our school. We have more sports equipment and we have different types of clubs during the week, a lot more than last year." Omari
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"I like Early Risers because it helps to keep me fit" Faith
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