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Support Staff Surprise – MUST WATCH!

 Our wonderful Learning Coaches have been gathered in secret by Mrs Hill to plan this wonderful surprise for us all. Always bringing  smiles to our faces and working hard for us all. I would personally like to thank their kind hearts and superb dedication. Please all enjoy this link to the GLOBAL PREMIERE of […]

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Sing Up Day

On Thursday 12th March we celebrated singing and also recorded the Sing Up day anthem ‘There’s a Power in the Music’. The Sing Up team will create a digichoir with the entries from around the country and around the world.Waterfield feels proud to be the part of this great initiative. 

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World Book Day At Waterfield

Waterfield celebrated World Book Day by inviting children to dress up as their favourite book character or bring an accessory in from their favourite book, take part in a ‘book swap’, they enjoyed a ‘class swap’ where children were paired up to read with different year groups and after school Mrs Burnham and Miss Billington […]

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Year 6 Phileas Fogg’s World of Adventure Trip

Historians from Year 5 & 6 explored eras of the past in the immersive Phileas Fogg experience on their educational visit this week.Key Stage 2 Historians today – Historical Curators tomorrow

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“Brightstorm” Inspired Sky Ships

The enjoyable steampunk adventure by debut author Hardy sees twins Arthur and Maudie Brightstorm join a sky ship race to discover South Polaris inspired Year 4 children to make their own sky ships out of recycled material. All teams worked hard to design and make their spectacular flying machines. 

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Pancake Day Celebration at Waterfield

Pancake day was celebrated around the school! Children used their measuring skills, they learned about ingredients and followed cooking instructions, and some even took part in a pancake race!

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Bag2School – We raised £192.00!

Waterfield is excited to advise you that you helped us to raise £192.00 by donating towards Bag2School collection. We are extremely proud of the support we continuously receive from our Waterfield Families.  Thank you

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Year 5 ‘Banished, Beheaded or Boiled in Oil’ Topic Launch

‘When the computer was stolen from the IT Hub, there was a huge mess and a lot of clues left behind. Year 5 used the clues to search to find the criminal. Five suspects, who were all staff, were blamed for the crime.The suspects were; Dr Hope, Mr Parratt, Mrs Clark, Mrs Wright and Mrs […]

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Safer Internet Day 2020

This year’s Internet Safety Day has been themed around identity. Waterfield have been working with the children to enable them to have a greater understanding of their digital self. Work has been supported with the re-launch of the ‘Digital Promise’ and over the week our parent community have received booklets and information to assist in […]

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Reception 100 Days in School

On Monday 10th February Reception children celebrated 100 days in school! The children enjoyed a fun filled day starting with an assembly presented by Dr Hope. They joined in various exciting counting activities to count up to a 100 during the day.

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