At Waterfield Nursery we believe that early years education is valuable to all children and we provide a curriculum that challenges children through all the areas of learning.

Children enter nursery with different skills, experiences and knowledge.  We recognise and work with children’s individual interests, as personalised teaching and learning is at the heart of our principles.  In addition to this we feel that by introducing the children to exciting new topics, dinosaurs for example the imagination is fired further and children continue to be motivated, engaged and interested in learning new skills.  The Waterfield Nursery curriculum is underpinned by Assessment for Learning. 

“AFL is the process of seeking and interpreting evidence for use by learners and their teachers to decide where the learns are in their learning, where they need to go and how best to get there” ( Reform group 2002)

Teaching is adjusted to take into account findings and results, encouraging the children to be involved in the planning of their learning and giving effective feedback to the children.  A personal Learning Journal which is a collection of observations, photos, drawings and so on are shared weekly with the children and small steps for the next part of learning discussed as part of this ongoing learning process.  

Opportunities for outdoor play are of equal importance and are an integral part of the curriculum.  Garden time is available all year round, wet weather clothing is provided and ‘whatever the weather’ the children will be exploring and learning outside.

Indoors the children can access a wide variety of activities and resources some planned by the staff and others self selected.  Painting, music, computers, dressing up to name but a few.  We feel that this mix of planned activities and child initiated play gives the best broad and balanced curriculum.


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